Uzume - Goddess of Dance and Happiness

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Uzume - Goddess of Dance and Happiness | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
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  • Attributes: Goddess of dance, joy, loyalty, strength and the dawn
  • Symbols: Fan, breasts, Otafuku
  • Place: Japan. 
Illustration of Uzume | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
When the Sun Goddess Amaterasu decided to lock herself in a cave, many attempts to bring her back were made, but none succeeded. Tired and hopeless, the Gods gathered at the entrance of the cave and placed a large copper mirror so Amaterasu could see how beautiful and radiant she was. But how to get her out?

The God Omoikane had a brilliant idea and Goddess Uzume (Ama-no-Uzume) was responsible for the task. Uzume turned a bucket on the floor, climbed up and began to dance and party in front of the cave, creating her own music and filling everyone with her joy. At one point Uzume locked up her sleeves, picked up her fans and exposed her breasts and genitals while she danced.

The Gods who watched the dance were also filled with joy and began to laugh. All the noise caught the attention of Amaterasu, who finally left the cave to know what was happening.

After this episode Uzume's dance became traditional in ceremonies in Japan where the deeds of the Goddess are counted. With the name of Kagura, the dance was made by women descendants of the Goddess and with the time it gained several variations.

Setsubun - Spring Festival

On February, 4th the Setsubun festival is celebrated, marking the farewell of winter and the arrival of spring. During the festival the head of the family wears a mask of Otafuku and shoots soy beans out of the house or into another member of the family wearing a mask of Oni (demon). During the ritual the chief says "Oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi" which means "Go away demons, welcome luck!".

The Otafuku mask is a very common symbol in Japan that brings joy and good luck. It is said that the mask represents the face of the Goddess Uzume who was always cheerful and captivated all.

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Summoning Uzume

There are no rules or ready-to-use recipes to summon any Goddess in Wicca. The summoning rite comes from within the self. When we study each Goddesses' myth and symbols we can have suggested some ways to summoning them.
Do you know those days when you feel a little sad? Or those days when it seems like everything is dark, with no light to enlight the way or our ideas? DANCE!

A good way to connect with Uzume and summon her is by doing what she most liked to do: dance! Free yourself from sadness, let go of problems, dance and sing freely! You can also wear a mask of Otafuku while dancing or enact the moment when Uzume attracts Amaterasu's attention and frees her from the darkness of the cave.

Have a good time!

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