Athena - Goddess of Strength and Wisdom

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Athena - Goddess of Strength and Wisdom | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
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  • Attributes: Goddess of Strength, Wisdom and Justice
  • Symbols: Armor, Spear and Shield, Serpent and Owl
  • Place: Athens, current capital city of Greece
Estatue of Athena | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
Athena's statue
According to the Greek Mythology, the Goddess Athena, Goddess of the gray eyes, arrived in the region of Greece and disputed the government of the place against Poseidon, God of the Seas. It is believed that there was a vote to determine who would govern the place and, in this vote, the men voted in Poseidon and the women in Athena. Athena won, but the men, disgruntled, imposed laws that prevented women from voting and guaranteed that the children would have the names of the parents and not the mothers. From this myth we can see one of the starts of the ideology that lasts until today! Not only laws like these were created, but the image of Athena was transformed, leaving the Goddess masculinized.

Luckily the feminine side of the Goddess managed to survive. The city, Athens, remains to this day as the capital of Greece and the power of the Goddess is still present.

Athena, daughter of Zeus, was different from the archetype of the Greek Goddesses and Gods: she had no lover and remained virgin. Hephaestus tried to seduce her, but Athena dodged. In one of his thrusts, the semen of Hephaestus was poured over the thigh of the Goddess who, by cleaning it and throwing it into the fertile land of Gaia, Ericthonius, a serpent, was born. Athena adopted him and educated him with her wisdom and, in turn, his son eventually became one of her symbols, and can be noticed in her statues.

The symbol of the serpent is now misinterpreted because of the beliefs imposed by christianity. For Athena, the symbol is associated with protection, since snakes protected the barns and cereals kept during the winter from rodent attacks.

The Goddess Minerva, although possessing some different attributions and another mythology, was the name given to Athena by the Romans.

Wisdom for all moments

The intelligence and acumen of Athena gave the owl, an animal that always accompanied her, the symbol of wisdom. It is no wonder that today the owl symbolizes teachers and educators. Athena was a peaceful Goddess, but she made no effort to resolve conflicts. Some associate her as a Goddess of War, but this view is somewhat aggressive, since the Goddess did not create conflicts just for fun or for destruction.

The search for the strength and wisdom of Athena should not be made for violent or conflicting purposes. Athena always sought balance and used her strength to do justice. This is her true power and, like her, we must also exercise our intellect and our strength in everything we do.

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Summoning Athena

Dentro da Wicca não existem regras e nem receitas prontas para invocar nenhuma Deusa. O ritual de invocação parte de dentro de cada um. Porém, ao vermos os mitos e símbolos de cada Deusa, podemos sugerir formas de invocá-las. Lembre-se também de checar nosso Calendário para datas festivas, eventos e curiosidades.
Summoning Athena is a pleasant experience to make us stronger and more confident. Her strength and intelligence are able to guide us through difficult paths and keep us always resilient and safe or to get rid of bad habits.

One way to summon Athena is to recreate the Panathenaea, the most important festival dedicated to the Goddess. During the Panathenaea, a statue of Athena was taken from her temple to the sea to be bathed. The sea bath symbolizes spiritual cleansing, removing the impurities and renewing the forces of the Goddess. After the bath the statue was dressed in new clothes.

Nowadays this ritual is recreated in the replica of the Parthenon in Narshville, Tennessee. Of course, to do it in our homes, we do not need to travel to the Goddess's temple - which would not be a bad idea!

To recreate the Panathenaea more easily and to summon the Goddess, we need a statue of her and a cloak to dress her. Once in the Panathenaea the statue was taken from the temple of the Goddess to the sea, to recreate we will consider our house as the temple of the Goddess and its statue can be taken to the place with the nearest running water. Bathing in running water is the most important point, as it is the water which restores the Goddess forces so that she is ready to return to her temple.

As Athena was also known for her artistic gifts, it is recommended that the mantle and the statue itself are made by hand. Always remember to solicit the strength and wisdom of the Goddess in all stages of the ritual.

The Goddess Tarot

The Goddess Tarot | Athena
Athena is one of the Goddesses present in The Goddess Tarot. The card number VIII, Athena, represents Justice:

Generally depicted with an owl as a symbol of enlightenment, the Greek Goddess Athena's reason is said to be as penetrating as her clear gray eyes. Skilled as anyone in the art of battle, she gave only protection to those who needed defense.

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