Wiccan Lunar Eclipse Spell: Freedom, Strength and Gratitude

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Wiccan Lunar Eclipse Spell: Freedom, Strength and Gratitude | Wicca, Magic, Witchcraft, Paganism
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Here on our website, we have already posted some spells suggestions for the four Moon phases. During the New Moon, for example, we suggested removal, neutralization, and removal spells; During the Waxing Moon, we suggested spells related to your goals, to your health and to your success; During the Full Moon, we suggested spells related to intuition, love, and prosperity; And during the Waning Moon, we suggested spells for cleanliness, banishing and purifications.

But, what happens during a Lunar Eclipse? During this phenomenon, we have the junction of Goddess and God, of light and darkness, day and night, etc. It is also as if we had the 4 lunar phases at the same time.

The Eclipse is a moment of extreme energy and power that can be used to cast powerful spells. Since the energy of the Eclipse is immense, the act of casting some spell at this time is recommended only for those who are already accustomed to the practice of witchcraft. So if you're starting now, it's best to just contemplate the Eclipse and ask for blessings instead of trying something more complex.

Lunar Eclipses - Calendar

To schedule for future Lunar Eclipses (and also Solar) visit this website: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/list.html

Below you'll find a suggestion of a spell to be cast during Lunar Eclipses. We recommend that you summon a Goddess, a God or an elemental to help you focusing and to managing energy.

Lunar Eclipse Spell: rite for Freedom, Strength and Gratitude

This spell is recommended for you who find it difficult to detach yourself from situations, habits, objects, or anything else that is in some way detrimental to your life. It will also give you strength to follow a new path and will also serve to thank the Goddess, the God and your ancestors for all the blessings they always provide you.

Necessary items:
  • Your altar
  • 1x White or Black candle
  • 1x Musical instrument
Start by creating your magic circle. Summon the presence of the Goddess, the God or the elemental with whom you identify and have some relation to the purpose of the spell. For example, Goddess Venus: as much as you identify with her, she will not be able to help you on this occasion. Crone Goddesses or Dark Goddesses like Hekate, Nyx, Nephthys, Ereshkigal, Kali among others are excellent for this purpose.

You do not need to stay in any external environment, but if you can, we always recommend to be in direct contact with nature and with the Moon.

Light the candle. Get your musical instrument, even if it is improvised. It can be anything that you have, the important thing is to feel comfortable with it. Let the energy of the Eclipse guide your feelings and play the instrument in the way you feel necessary. As you play, say these verses:

In this Lunar Eclipse Night I summon thee
Oh (Goddess, God, elemental...) , stay here with me
The power of the Moon together with the Sun
Are giving me strenght for my new journey has begun 
I, (say your full name), am here
To honour my Goddess, my God and my ancestors
For everything they made me be
From my habits I am free (think about the habits you want to let go off)
From my addicitions I am free (think about the addictions you want to let go off)
From my problems I am free (think about the problems you want to let go off) 
Under the penumbra I start a new path
Full of bleessings, full of motivation
The Sun light shall be my guide
The Moon light my inspiration 
I thank thee!
I thank thee!
I thank thee!

Let the candle burn to the end. You can enjoy the moment to celebrate in your own way: with a party, with meditation or whatever you wish.

Remember to undo the magical circle.

Image from: MrEclipse
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