Konohana Sakuya - Goddess of Flowers and Volcanoes

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Konohana Sakuya - Goddess of flowers and volcanoes | Wicca, Magic, Paganism, Witchcraft
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  • Attributes: Goddess of flowers and volcanoes (mainly Mount Fuji) 
  • Symbols: Cherry blossom (Sakura) 
  • Place: Japan 
Goddess Konohana Sakuya | Wicca, Magic, Paganism, Witchcraft
The Shintoist Goddess which represents the delicate earthly life, Konohana Sakuya-Hime (Kōnōhanasakuya-hime, Konohana-sakuya-hime, Kono-hana-sakuya-hime-no-kami or just Sakuya Hime - Hime means "princess" in Japanese), is considered the personification of life itself, just like the cherry blossom represents the country.  Her name means "tree blossom blooming princess"

Her father is Oyamatsumi, God of the mountains and brother of Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess. This means she is Amaterasu's niece.

Her husband is the God Ninigi, responsible for bringing knowledge about rice cultivation to the land. The legend of the two tells that they fell in love at first sight, when they were on the coast, and Ninigi ask her father to marry the Goddess.

Oyamatsumi proposed that the God should marry his eldest daughter, Iha-Naga, Goddess of stones, but Ninigi's heart belonged to Sakuya. Oyamatsumi accepted the marriage against his will and the marriage was made.

Due to this human life is not long and enduring as a stone, but short and beautiful as a cherry blossom.

After the wedding night, Sakuya-Hime became pregnant, and Ninigi suspected that the Goddess had cheated him. She was enraged at the accusation, and to prove her virtue she decided to give birth in a birthing hut. Sakuya-Hime set fire to the hut and said she and the child would not be hurt by the fire, and this became true.

She gave birth to three children, and all of them, including the Goddess herself, emerged from the flames unscratched. Her children are Hoderi (sea treasures deity), Hosuseri (mysteries deity) e Hoori (grains deity).

The Goddess could not produce enough milk to feed the three children, so, along with her husband, she invented the sake, fermented rice drink so they would not die.

A "recent" Goddess

Originally, Sakuya Hime had no connections with Mount Fuji. Their connection started between the 14th and 16th centuries when people began to claim her, daughter of the God of the mountains, to protect them from eruptions of the mountain, just as she protected her children from the fire of the hut.

Konohana Sakuya-Hime by Lidia Alina
Konohana Sakuya-Hime by Lidia Alina

The Goddess was associated as the main deity of the mountain and to this day she remains. Temples were built in her honor and even today the annual fire ceremony is held on Mount Fuji. The devotees descend the mountain to bring protection to the city against the fire and to promote easy births.

Sakuya-Hime in pop culture

In the game Okami, originally released for Playstation 2 in 2006 and later for Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3, the Goddess appears in the form of Sakuya, a deity related to a cherry tree that protects the Kamiki village.

When darkness falls into the world, she summons Amaterasu to restore life and beauty with her celestial brush. This is achieved by the protagonist of the game by blooming the other cherry trees, which are connected to the tree where Sakuya resides.

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Summoning Sakuya-Hime

There are no rules or ready-to-use recipes to summon any Goddess in Wicca. The summoning rite comes from within the self. When we study each Goddesses' myth and symbols we can have suggested some ways to summoning them.
The Goddess Sakuya protects against fire (which is a symbol of renewal) and facilitates childbirth, whether literal or not.

She is a great Goddess to ask for protection against unwanted changes and to make the ideas or achievements flourish, so the best period to summon her is during a  Crescent Moon or a Full Moon.

Necessary items:

  • White paper, pencil/pen or brush and ink
  • Candle (any colour)
  • Incense

At any time of day, go to a quiet place and light the candle and the incense. Start drawing flowers on the paper while you make your request to the Goddess, but do not forget the blessings she provides.

When you're finished, think about how she could make a change your life while you wait for the paint to dry.

Burn the paper with the drawings in the candle flame. It will be consumed, but your desires will prevail.

Thank the Goddess and bury the remains of the ritual next to a tree, with the exception of the candle, which should burn to the end.

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