Nyx - Primordial Goddess of the Night

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Nyx - Primordial Goddess of the Night | Witchcraft, Magic, Wicca, Paganism
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  • Traits: Goddess of Night, Fertility and Death
  • Symbols: Egg, crescent moon, star 
  • Place: Greece

The Night (Nyx) - William-Adolphe Bouguereau, 1883This Goddess is a dark figure. Present since the dawn of creation, Nyx had several children, among them Hypnos (sleep), Tanato (the death), and Eris (Goddess of Discord).

She comes from a time when the deities personified aspects of nature, so she is the night. Just like her sister, Gaia, is the earth. She is also Erebus, Tartarus and Eros's sister.

Nyx is usually depicted as a winged female figure or in a carriage. She may also have a halo or veil made of mist. In addition to these details, she is also said to possess such great power and beauty that she imposes fear on Zeus.

In Rome she was called Nox, but at some time people avoided saying her name (perhaps because of fear or respect), so they gave her Greek names like Euphron and Eulalia.

Nyx is still worshiped today by witches and wizards who believe she brings fertility and rejuvenation to the earth, but she is seldom the focus of some cult, remaining in the background within other cults. There is not a temple dedicated only to her, but there is, for example, a statue called "Nyx" in the temple of Artemis in the city of Efaso, Turkey.

This also alludes to the fact that she watches over everything as she puts on her cloak of invisibility, watching what happens unnoticed.

Goddess of Death

This Goddess sometimes appears benevolently, like the beauties of the night and sometimes as its terrors; Not symbolizing an evil entity, but rather the possibilities of darkness.

She lives in a cave located in the depths of Tartarus, from where she performs oracles and sends dreams and prophecies to the surface. Outside the cave, the nymph Adrasteia beats on cymbals and kettledrums in the rhythm of the song sung by Nyx, in order to move the universe.

Her children, for the most part, are deities who inhabit the underworld and possess untamable forces  to any other Gods. They are:

With Erebus she had: Ether (celestial light) and Hemera (the day).

And alone she had: Moros (Destiny), Queres (spirits of doom), Tanato (Death), Hypnos (sleep), Oniros (personification of dreams), Momos (Scrooge), Oizus (Poverty), Hesperides (spirits of nature), Moiras (Goddesses of fate), Nemesis (Goddess of revenge, justice and balance), Apate (Fraud), Filotes (Friendship), Geras (Old Age) and Éris (Discord).

Nyx by Laura Pelick Siadak
Goddess Nyx by Laura Pelick Siadak 

Nyx in pop culture

In the "Harry Potter" series by J. K. Rowling, characters often use the "Nox" spell to extinguish the brightness of their wands.

This makes a reference to the Goddess in question, since besides being one of her names, it also refers to the darkness.

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Summoning Nyx

There are no rules or ready-to-use recipes to summon any Goddess in Wicca. The summoning rite comes from within the self. When we study each Goddesses' myth and symbols we can have suggested some ways to summoning them.

Nyx is a good Goddess to be called when you need to get in touch within your self and renew yourself.

This ritual should preferably be done on the Crescent Moon, to make the results flourish.

However, it is imperative to know that Nyx gets stressed very easily and she can either make dreams come true as well as bring death to those who seek her. Get to know this Goddess well and be careful.

Necessary  items:

  • Incenses (lavender, honey or sandalwood are recommended) 

Go somewhere safe so you can stay in the darkness. If you can see the stars, better yet.
Light up the incenses and bow to the Goddess, for she will surely be watching you. Now meditate on yourself, think about your deeds and put aside feelings like guilt, shame and anger.

Leave the incenses burning until the end. Nyx will bring the energy you need for your renewal in your dreams. So pay attention to them and try to write them down.

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