Nightmares - Spell to avoid them

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Nightmares - Spell to avoid them
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We all know that energy flows trough the world and among all beings. It doesn't matter in which dimension we are, energy can flow even between them. We also know that we connect ourselves with different kinds of energy depending on what we think or what we desire.

It is very important to keep a good connection with the Goddess so we can avoid "bad energies", but, even so, sooner or later it is possible that we become a target for something unwanted. When this energy reaches our unconsciousness it can turn a dream into a nightmare.

Nightmares naturally happen for everyone during the entire life. They are usually related to feelings such as sadness, anxiety, fear or woe, and they disturb the sleeping quality as well as the productivity during the day.

Van Gogh's Starry Night
Van Gogh's Starry Night, 1889. Some analysis suggest that this work depicts the artist's hope in getting better from his mental illness. Even in the darkest nights, we can see the stars and the Moon shining. We can also see the light inside of each of us, represented by the houses. 
When these bad dreams seldom occur there is nothing to be worried about. They can be simple ways your mind finds to talk to you or they can just reflect something that happened during the previous days. But if they are frequent, shocking or disturbing, it is better to try to investigate them, to find out their meanings and try to understand what your mind is trying to tell you.

Meaning of the dreams

In many ancient cultures, such as the Egyptian and the Greek for example, dreams were widely important and they used to be deeply analyzed. Profect dreams can be sent from the Gods and they can have important information for our development or even for our protection. We can also have lucid dreams in which we can live big and real experiences. If you are interested in this subject we recommend the book Dreaming the Divine by Scott Cunningham. Dreams talk to us through symbols, so to understand them we have to decipher these symbols accordingly to our experiences and with our knowledge about the Goddesses and Gods' archetypes. In this matter, we suggest the book Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung. To get to know the Goddesses's archetypes and their symbols, try searching the Goddesses here in our blog.

Some nightmares can be originated from a black magic cast against you. It can also be an interference from a psychic vampire. To protect ourselves against them we can use some magical instruments like magic crystals and stones or magic herbs; we can meditate; we can protect our home or we can make the simple spell below. Doing this we can renew the energy and be sure no one is going to disturb us.

The spell below is very easy and it can be cast by anyone. You can cast it during any Moon Phase, just be sure it is not raining.

Necessary items: 

  • One white candle
  • One white or silver ribbon to make a lace around your wrist

Sit down in a calm place during the night.

Tie the ribbon to the candle, light the candle and put it in front of you.

Enjoy this moment and enter a meditation state. Observe the fire and clean your mind.

Realex. Think about the places or situations that you like and that make you feel good. Bring only good memories to your mind!

When you feel comfortable and happy, grab the candle and observe the sky.

Say the following:

"The Moon is my friend, watching over me, 
bringing the beauty into my dreams. 
The stars are here, forever to shine, 
bringing serenity and peace of mind. 
When I close my eyes, they won't be gone, 
keeping me safe until the dawn."
Spell to avoid nightmares

When you finish, put out the fire and untie the ribbon. Now tie the ribbon to your wrist and make a lace. Sleep with it and avoid the nightmares!

Cast this spell again whenever you feel it is necessary.

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