Artemis - Goddess of Wild Animals and Wild life

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Goddess Ártemis | Wicca, Witch, Witchcraft, Paganism
  • Attributes: Goddess of animals, of hunting, of the forests, of wild life, of births and of the Moon
  • Symbols: Bow, silver arrow, deer, dog and Crescent Moon
  • Place: Greece 
Goddess Ártemis Statue
Considered to be the purest Goddess from Greek pantheon, Ártemis was loved by her nymphs. She is a Maiden Goddess and Apollo's twin sister. She even helped her mother during her birth!
They say when she was a child she was asked by her father, Zeus, what she wanted for her birthday. She answered she wanted to be free in the forests along with the wild animals and free from the obligation of being married. And her wish was granted.

Her myth also tells us that she fell in love with Orion, Poseidon's son, which was also a hunter. Apollo didn't like him and he was also jealous of him. During one night Apollo saw Orion swimming in the ocean and had an idea. Then he challenged Ártemis to hit him, telling her it was a random target. As she was a very good hunter, she precisely hit the target and the waves brought it, revealing it was Orion. She became so sad and, not to be separated from Orion, she rose his body to the skies and created the constellation of Orion.

Since this episode, she continued living in the forests and she swore not to trust any men again.

Nature is everywhere

Ártemis is a complex Goddess: she is virgin, she helps births, she is a hunter, she protects the animals, she's a warrior, she is a child, she is the queen of the forests and the lady of the fertility.

She symbolizes the duality of good and evil and also the woman's nature, which can be loving or ferocious. Sometimes she appears as a maiden, sometimes as a fierce warrior. She protects animals and children and she kills those who threatens them.

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Summoning Ártemis

There are no rules or ready-to-use recipes to summon any Goddess in Wicca. The summoning rite comes from within the self. When we study each Goddesses' myth and symbols we can have suggested some ways to summoning them.
Ártemis was one of the most popular deities in the ancient Greece. She had got many temples dedicated to her.

In Wicca, we can associate her with the Maiden's face from the Triple Goddess and the Waxing Moon. This ritual must be done during this Moon phase, preferably during the night, when the Moon is shining. You can do this every time you need some extra protection or even to purify the environment.

This ritual is not recommended for men.

Necessary items:
  • One White Seven Day Candle
  • Seven Mugwort or Sandalwood Incenses
  • One Silver Candle
On the first day of the Waxing Moon phase, purify yourself and try to go to a calm place where you are sure no one is going to disturb you or put out the candles.

Light the Seven Day Candle and one incense. Ask Ártemis your wishes and thank her when you finish.

Now return to this place on each night and light a new incense while you ask again your wishes and thank her.

On the last day, light the silver candle and think about what you have done during this week that could possibly please the Goddess like the things you have achieved or good things you have done for example. Thank Ártemis one more time and let the candles burn.

She is a good and righteous Goddess. She won't ignore your wishes if she thinks they are fair and if you are in compliance with her standards. You must protect the animals and nature itself, otherwise, she will just ignore you.

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