Wiccan New Moon Spells: Removal, Neutralization and Renewal

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Wiccan New Moon Spells: Removal, Neutralization and Renewal

Everything that starts one moment inevitably has to come to an end and then start anew. This cycle is celebrated in Wicca in many different forms. The Lunar cycle is no exception. During the New Moon phase the Goddess becomes complete, She dies and She is born again. Although the Moon is invisible in the sky during this phase we know that She's there with her power as She is in all the other phases.

It is told that many Witches do not celebrate this phase due to its mysteries. They prefer to resume their work during the Crescent Moon. The Dark Goddess' face brings her ultimate destructive power as well as her immense constructive strength. This phase is excellent to finish a cycle and start it again.

New Moon Spell: rite to remove bad energies

Necessary items:
  • Apple peel
  • Some peppermint leaves
  • Honey
  • Hot water
Make an infusion using the apple peel and the peppermint leaves. Mix with the honey and drink the tea while it's hot. Visualise all the bad energies going away from your body. This tea will also create a shield to protect you against these energies. During the Crescent Moon, the shield will grow bigger and it's going to reach its maximum size during the Full Moon. Do not forget to make it again during the next New Moon phase if you think it's necessary.

New Moon Spell: Amulet to neutralise spells

The process of crafting this amulet must start on the first day of the New Moon and it'll take three days to be complete.

Necessary items:
  • 1 small black bag
  • Some Black Tourmalines or Onyxes
  • A little bit of Rosemary or Ginseng
  • 1 black ribbon or some black thread
  • Some water
  • Some coarse salt
To start this rite, first you have to mix the water with the coarse salt and put the stones in, so they can be energized for 24 hours by the Moon and by the Sun. Start this during the evening. After this period, bury the stones and let the Earth energize them for more 24 hours. The next day, take the stones again and put them inside the small black bag while you ask the Goddess to send all the spells cast against you to them, so they can be neutralised. After this, put the herbs inside the bag too and ask them to protect you.

Now make 7 knots on the black ribbon (or thread) and use it to seal the bag. Dedicate it to the New Moon and keep it somewhere safe where no one besides you can find it.

New Moon Spell: rite to renew the spirit

Necessary items:
  • Orange incense
  • Purple clothes (optional, but important!)
Light up the incense and sit in front of an open window during the night of New Moon. Breath in deeply for some moments and relax your body and mind. Put your hands facing up on your lap and say the following:

“From the deep of myself, my spirit is my guide
I'm full of confidence and I leave my fears behind!
I deserve my potential, I deserve to fulfill my intention
I open my heart, I open my mind 
The universal love can come to me
So mote it be!” 

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